Can I receive My Google Adsense earnings with a naira savings account?


It's no longer a new story that Google adsense now pay Nigeria online publishers via wire transfer into their bank accounts but the question some people have been asking is exactly what this article is all about -Can i receive my Google adsense earnings wired into my Naira savings account?

Well, forget about what you've read online in forums, websites and all that, the answer to that question is Hell No! In clear terms, you can not receive your Google adsense earnings via a Naira savings account. I'm saying this from experience and i have screenshots to prove it,

Let me quickly tell you this; i have a naira savings account with GTBank and i used the details of the account to fill the payment settings section of my Google adsense account then i went back chilling and expecting my money to be credited on April 22. Mind you,i filled the form using GTBINGLA as the swift code and all other necessary parameters were not left out. Thursday morning i got a call from my account officer telling me that there's an inflow of cash in dollars that is to be credited to my account but i do not have the the right account to receive the funds so i should proceed to any GTBank branch to quickly open a Domiciliary account within the next 48 hours else they would have to return the money to the sender.

 Unfortunately, i was unable to complete the process of opening the account before the deadline so i called to tell them to kindly help me return the funds to Google Adsense, saturday of the following week, the money was credited back to my Account on Google adsense and i had a notification as seen in the screenshot below.
Can you receive your Google Adsense earnings with a naira savings account?
In summary, you can not get your earnings from google adsense via your naira savings account, if you've just entered your naira savings account details on the payment settings page, i suggest you quickly open a domiciliary account and enter the account number of your domiciliary account instead, so as to get paid on the next pay day.

For now, i have updated my details in the payment settings with my new domiciliary account number, and i have sent them a notification as well. I'll keep you updated pretty soon when i get the alert :) . Cheers!

I hope this was helpful, kindly take few seconds to share this information with your friends using the share buttons and if you have any question regards this post or perhaps you were paid with your naira savings account, do drop your comments in any of the comment boxes towards the bottom of this page.

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  1. Thank God i'm seeing this now, i would have filled my google adsense payment page with my naira savings account cuz i was told it was possible


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