Does Glo BIS still work on PC and other mobile devices?


For some time now, people have been asking me if it's still possible to use Glo BIS Plan on PC and other mobile devices like androids, ipads e.t.c. Mind you, it is very possible, with some few extra requirements you'll be good to go. And by the way, i don't consider this as a cheat since you will be paying for the Glo BIS subscription and you won't be using more than the allocated data of the plan.

But nevertheless, have it in mind that our friends in Glo won't be happy about this and may try to block it if possible in the nearest future because they believe they already have some kind of affordable "glo my phone" plans for non-blackberry devices so for now, here's how to use Glo BIS on non-BB devices - it's been working perfectly for months now.

How To use Glo BIS on PC and other mobile devices


Does Glo BIS still work on PC and other mobile devices?


  • You need a blackberry with OS 10 such as Z10, Q5, Q10, Z30 e.t.c
  • Firstly, you need to subscribe to a Glo Blackberry plan E.g send Comonth to 777 to subscribe for the monthly plan (3GB will be allocated) - Check out list of Glo Blackberry plans.
  • After successful subscription, Do the following on you Blackberry 10 device; Go to Settings >> Network and connection >> Mobile HotSpot then switch on the mobile hotspot
NB: Ensure you protect your network with a password, else an outsider might help you consume your data.
  • Now that you have successfully turned on your mobile hotspot pick up your PC or any other non-blackberry device that is WiFi enabled, switch on the WiFi then connect to the Mobile hotspot you switched on earlier from your BB10 device.
Credits: TechYan
NB: Use of a mobile device as Hotspot can result in quick battery drainage so ensure your phone battery is full or plugged throughout the usage as a mobile hotspot.
For Comments, observations or contribution to this tutorial, kindly post it in the comment box and I'll be glad to respond as soon as time permits. There is love in sharing, tell your friends about this tutorial if it was helpful.

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  1. Thanks it worked fine but i would have loved it more if i could just do it without originating the connection from BB. Pls keep us updated bro.

  2. I really wana thank you for providing such informative and qualitative material so often. zookaware


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