How to know Original Tecno phone or battery

Owners of Tecno mobile might have detected some imitations of their products in the market or better still just trying to prevent possible risk of having fake tecno products around by providing an online platform where prospective or current users of tecno mobile can quickly check the genuineness of that Tecno phone before buying it and if you already have one, you may just check for the sake of assurance. Here's how you can check for original tecno battery or phone.

How To Know Original Tecno Phone

To determine a genuine tecno mobile, get the serial number and VC number of the phone by removing the battery to check for the label at the battery house or check the label at the body of the pack.
How to know Original Tecno phone or battery
  Now that you know the IMEI and VC, click here 
When the page is done loading, input your IMEI and VC number like in the picture below then click submit.
How to know Original Tecno phone or battery
 You should get a response that says 'welcome' and if it's fake, you will be told that the VC number does not exist.

How To know original Tecno Battery

To confirm original tecno batttery, just get the SN (serial number) printed on the body then click here . Wait for the site to finish loading then input the SN in the SN field under "Genuine battery check" on the website then click submit like in the picture below
How to know Original Tecno phone or battery
 If the Tecno battery is an original battery, you would get a response saying "original tecno battery" and if it is fake you will get otherwise. 

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