Unable to use your free data from Glo? Here's the solution

when i first migrated to the Glo Bounce plan, i almost thought the free 30MB was a fluke because i was unable to use it and the free MB was just piling up and yet not useable, after several unfruitful calls to glo customer care, i was able to use the free data, Here's how i did it and i'm sure it will work for you.

  • Firstly, make sure you don't have an active blackberry subscription on the line, i was unable to use mine when i was on a blackberry plan and everything i tried didn't work

  • Secondly, check your active glo internet settings and make sure it is the gloflat settings. click here for more details on glo internet settings. Check if you have internet coverage on your phone then try to connect to the internet now, if it fails - proceed to the last step below

Unable to use your free data from Glo? Here's the solution
  • (UPDATED) Lastly, Send PAYU as a message to 127 and wait for the reply message, Your browsers and applications should start working now.  
Trying one or all of these steps should enable you use that free data from Glo Bounce but if it doesn't work for you, hit me up at the comments section or call Glo customer care on 121 so we can look into it. 

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