Mass Effect 3: How I installed the Ćra-ck.éd version


I'm a favorite fan of EA Games that quickly became addicted to Mass Effect from 1-2. I have played the 2 versions several times before I came across the Installation DVDs for the third version of the game --Mass Effect 3. And it happened to be Ćra-ck.éd. After installation, I have tried launching the Game but unfortunately it was not successful as the launch interface of the game kept telling me to install origin. After many trials, I decided to abandon the game and wait for the day I will get a better installation

While surfing some pages on the internet some months back, I discovered Skidrowgames where detailed instructions were given on how to go about the installation of the Ćra-ckéd version of Mass Effect 3 and it worked perfectly. So, incase you have similar issue -- here's the solution that worked for me.

1. Install the game
2. Copy the Ćra-ck.éd content located in the \Ćra-c directory on either disc into \Binaries\Win32\ of your installation directory, overwriting existing files. (This is the major part else the game will keep telling you that you need to install origin on your computer before you can play the game)
3.  Launch the game and you should be able to play the game now

Mass Effect 3: How i installed the Cracked version

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  1. According to newly released and mass effect andromeda latest news the upcoming game will be not last and franchise is going to be expanded to cross platforms. I've read on, can not confirm that it is real official source. That is like Resident Evil saga was. Btw there was released last, seven RE chapter.


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