Paypal now accepts Nigeria, zimbabwe and 8 other countries in sub-saharan Africa

International payment company, Paypal has finally added Nigeria, zimbabwe, ivory coast, cameroon and 6 other african countries to their list of accepted countries. Reading the news earlier this week on Reuters came as a big surprise but as at the time of writing this post, Paypal has already added Nigeria as well as the 9 other countries to their list of accepted countries.

I tried to access paypal right from my Nigerian IP just now to confirm the news -- It's no joke, Nigeria and 9 other african countries have been added to the list of Paypal accepted countries. In case you are new to paypal, Paypal offers the service of allowing you to easily pay and get paid online. Basically, the service allows you to pay services, transfer money and get paid - all without sharing your financial information such as your Credit card number, CVV, address or any other sensitive information.

Paypal now accepts Nigeria, zimbabwe and 8 other countries in sub-saharan Africa
Paypal has been a popular method of payment over the years but many African countries including Nigeria have been deprived access due to reasons not known to the public, i can remember writing to them several times about it but no reply was received. But thanks to the new management team headed by Rupert Keeley who has deemed it fit to foster the development of paypal into fast-developing markets like ours (Nigeria) and several other African countries.

Before now, Paypal has refused to accept Nigerians on Paypal, infact they have a ready-made system that blocks your account once they discover you are accessing your paypal account from blacklisted IPs like Nigeria and some other African countries. I would like to see clickbank do the same or what do you think?, use the comment box below this post to share your views.

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