Etisalat Unlimited Data Plan: Download large files with 15 Naira


Etisalat Nigeria has launched its time-based data plan that give you the access to download as much as you want you want for just 15 naira for 5 minutes. I know you might be thinking it's an MTN concept but the Etisalat version has got more, this is because of the "Unlimited" feature i.e you are allowed to download anything you wish to download (no matter the size) within that stipulated period.

The MTN NG time-based data plan is not unlimited i.e it's subjected to fair usage unlike this one. Mind you, i highly suggest you check if Etisalat is having a strong internet connection in that area before you setup this plan else you may end up wasting the 15naira (it's a small money though :)

How to subscribe to the Etisalat time-based data plan 

To subscribe to this Etisalat plan, here's what to do;
Etisalat Unlimited Data Plan: Download large files with 15 Naira
  • Dial *229*5*7# and wait for the reply from the network confirming the modification 
Brief breakdown of the Etisalat time-based data plan
15 Naira = 5 minutes
45 naira = 15 minutes
90 naira = 30 minutes
180 Naira = 1 hour (60 minutes)

NB: After dialing the code and receiving the confirmation sms, make sure you disconnect the internet when not in use so you won't be charged 15 Naira for the next 5 minutes

What if I don't want this Etisalat plan again, How do I Unsubscribe?

Just in case you find any reason to leave the Etisalat time based-plan, simply dial *229*0# to unsubscribe from the plan.

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