How To Activate verve card for Online transactions in Nigeria


If your bank issued a verve card to you for making withdrawals on your account, you would have noticed that so far you are not an Ecobank customer, online transaction is nearly impossible. Here's how you can activate your verve card for online transactions in a secured way with OTP (One Time Password) feature for every transaction online.

The OTP feature helps secure your account to ensure that you are the one authorizing every transaction on your verve card via the safetoken system. The service sends you a one time password to complete every online transaction initiated on your account. You will need to register for this safe-token service to enable your verve card for online transaction on quickteller and other payment solutions, this tutorial will guide you through the processes involved then you'll be good to go.

How To Activate verve card for Online transactions in Nigeria

Activate Your verve card for Online Transactions in 3 Easy Steps

1. Proceed to a nearby ATM that accepts verve cards.
2. Insert your ATM, select Quickteller >> Pay Bills
3.Select Others and enter 322222 as the biller code
4. Enter your Phone number as the Customer Reference Number (Preferrably the phone number associated with your bank account)

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5. On the next page, accept the transaction fee by selecting "Pay Amount Due" on The screen
6. Now, you should get a notification on the screen telling you the transaction was successful, your bank should also alert you on that.
.....Congratulations, you have successfully, enabled safe-token on your account and can start making successful online transactions. Henceforth, you will get a ONE TIME PASSWORD to complete your online transactions.

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