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How To Configure Etisalat internet Settings on Android phones

Some Android phones that are not meant for Nigerian market may not have been pre-configured with our local internet settings, it is therefore necessary that you DIY i.e Do-It-Yourself. Here's a post on how you can configure Etisalat internet settings on your android phone to enable you connect to the internet. After all, what's the essence of holding an android phone without internet connection.

Manual Etisalat Internet Settings For Android Phones

NAME: Etisalat
APN: Etisalat
username: wap
password: wap
Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP
How To Configure Etisalat internet Settings on Android phones

How To Configure The Settings on The Android Phone

To configure the above settings on your android phone, Go to Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> Mobile Networks >>GSM/UMTS Options >> Access point Names
On getting here, click options and select Add New APN, then fill the parameters as above.

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  1. I used the above settings without selecting any authentication and it still worked fine. I guess the Authentication segment is not that necessary

    1. Yh You are right, It is not that necessary

  2. Thanks man, it worked perfectly fine


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