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Subscription codes for the Airtel Android Bundle

Airtel has finally made a step towards finding solution to problem of internet data affordability for Android users in Nigeria.

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Lately, it has become a debate in popular forums such as Nairaland and so on about why Blackberry devices get much data for less and non-BB users especially Android users can not get the same. 

Airtel Nigeria could have been listening all this while as they have introduced the Airtel Android Bundle for Android users. This post therefore contains the subscription codes for the Airtel Android bundle.

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Subscription Codes For Airtel Android Bundle

The Airtel Android Bundle now has Five (5) packages;
1. The 1GB Android bundle
2. The 3.5GB Android Bundle
3. 5GB for N2500 Bundle
4. 7GB for N3500 Bundle
5. 9GB for N4500 Bundle 

  • The 1GB Airtel Android bundle costs 1000 Naira with validity period of 30 days. Dial *496# to subscribe.

  • The 3.5 GB Android Bundle costs 2000 Naira and it's for 30 days. To subscribe to this plan, Dial *437#.

  • The 5GB Android Bundle costs 2500 Naira and it's for 30 days. Dial *437*1# to subscribe to this 5GB Android Plan from Airtel.

  • The 7GB Android bundle costs N3500 and it is valid for 30 days. To subscribe to this plan, dial *438#.  

Subscription codes for the Airtel Android Bundles
  • The 9GB Android bundle costs N4000 and it is valid for 30 days as well. To subscribe to this 9GB Android plan, dial *438*1#.

To Check the balance/MB on Airtel Android Bundle

To know the balance of your Android Bundle from Airtel, Dialing
*141*11*0#will not work, the correct code is either
*223# or *140#

That's all
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  1. It's somehow affordable sha but there is still room for improvement other network providers like MTN, ETISALAT and GLO should do the same.

  2. Airtel network is not that strong in my area, i can't wait for Etisalat to come up with something similar

  3. Thanks Toby Allen, i was the one that was asking you for an affordable plan few months ago, remember? i hope this will work for my iPad. I'll give it a try.......

    1. You are welcome Cynthia, let me know how it goes, i'm sure it will work

    2. Pls is there any plan for 1700 airtel

  4. I'm using infinix and subscribed for this data plan but it gets exhausted before the 30 days. I hope Airtel is not deceiving us

    1. How the 2G data will last depends on your usage which is dependent majorly on Running Apps and I hope you are not using any cloud backup application. If Yes, turn it off to prolong data.

  5. My subscription is usually the airtel 2500 data plan which is divided into day and night plan.I noticed that when I browse at night, the night bonus is barely deducted....Deduction is mostly taken from my main data...Of what essence is the night bonus? Would love to really know why it is so...Thanks


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