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Android Phones: 2 Easy ways of Killing Unused Apps to prolong battery life

Some Android users do complain about their phone batteries draining fast and most times it is due to their inability to control the applications running on their Android device . To effectively manage and prolong your battery life , killing unused applications is inevitable. Therefore, i would be using this

How To identify applications that are draining battery on your Android Phone

Some applications alter the battery life of android phones upon usage, basically batteries drain with the use of the various applications we tend to use on our smartphone devices but some applications are just experts in draining Android phone batteries. This post will enable you identify those

How to Deactivate Etisalat Ring Back Tune on your line

After purchasing a new etisalat SIM in Nigeria, it is very certain you get a free RBT other wise known as Ring back tune (caller tune) free for one month and after the one month, you may not want to continue using the service and wish to opt-out. Here's how you can sharply Deactivate the ring back tune on your etisalat line in Nigeria. How To Deactivate Etisalat RBT To deactivate the Ring Back tune on your etisalat line, simply send RBTOFF  to 251 and wait for confirmation from the network. I hope this was helpful, tell your friends about it by clicking any of the share buttons on this post. Your comments are highly welcomed as well. Connect with Inforisticblog on Facebook | Twitter | GooglePlus | FREE Email Subscription

How to make money through the MTN SME Data share

MTN SME Data share is a product from MTN Nigeria targeted at small business owners in the country. This product enables you (A business owner) to purchase a large amount of data from MTN NG (Minimum of 10GB) then allocate the data to your staff as you deem fit. Mind you, this report is a little big longer than usual so you may need to take your time for proper understanding.

Subscription Codes for Bbm data plan from MTN Nigeria

MTN customers on non-BB (Blackberry) devices in Nigeria, that wishes to enjoy their Blackberry Messengers can now do so with the MTN BBM Data plan. This MTN data plan allows you to use your bbm on your Android , iphones , ipad and other supported devices at a very cheap rate with three (3) different options to choose from; Daily, weekly and monthly. Below are the subscription codes for