Android Phones: 2 Easy ways of Killing Unused Apps to prolong battery life


Some Android users do complain about their phone batteries draining fast and most times it is due to their inability to control the applications running on their Android device. To effectively manage and prolong your battery life, killing unused applications is inevitable. Therefore, i would be using this
post to inform you on how to identify and kill those applications that drains your phone battery.

Application use and Phone's battery life

Before we begin, you may quickly take a look at the applications that are currently running on your Android phone by going to the MENU to select SETTINGS >> Apps >> Running (You may have to swipe to the right till you get to this section). There you would see all the applications that are currently running on your phone.

 There is no need allowing those ones that are non-important to work-out your batteries so we'll be killing them as we go further in this tutorial.

How To Identify Applications that are draining your Android phone Battery

I have already dealt with that in my previous post >> How To identify applications that are draining battery on your Android Phone  << you may ignore and continue if you've already seen it

How To kill Unused Background Applications running on your Android Phone 

Since you now know the major reason why your battery drains fast, killing those apps is now the next thing on the agenda. There are two options to getting this done, you either download an auto-kill application from Google Play store or do it manually by killing the applications one after the other. But all the same, both methods will be discussed in details below

1. To Manually Kill Apps running in the Background of your Android device

Go to SETTINGS from MENU, and select Apps, from the list of Downloaded Apps choose the application you want to STOP as seen in the picture below. once you select an application, click "Force Stop" to complete the task, immediately you click it, the app will no longer be on the list of running apps. This will also increase the available RAM on your device.

2. How To Automatically kill Unused apps using Auto-kill Applications

You may want to avoid the stress of killing those applications manually as described earlier, the use of some applications on Google play can do the trick. To use this method, simply go to Google Play from your android phone and search for auto-kill via the search bar, you will be provided with various auto-kill apps to choose from BUT for those who do not want to be faced with too many choices and are interested in a trusted application, i recommend you use "AutoKill Task Manager" App

I use the AutoKill Task Manager App because it is very easy to use and does not require much settings, just download and run the application. It will automatically Kill those background applications as the screen goes off.

             Click here to DOWNLOAD AUTOKILLER from Google Play Store

NB: You can always monitor those applications running on your Android phone by following the steps highlighted in the first sub-heading of this post.

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  1. Nice post, the android launcher i use on my phone also allows me to do the same. The name is APUS Launcher. You may want to give it a try peeps


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