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Full details of the MTN iPulse plan with migration codes

Just of recent, MTN re-launched the MTN iPulse plan which allows you to make calls to other MTN lines at a flat rate of 15k or 11k per secs after spending 40k/secs for the first 1 minute (60 secs) to any MTN line. The 15k is applicable for calls made outside a school campus while the 11k is for calls made within a school campus and that is after making your first 1 minute call for that day at the rate of 40k/sec.

Easiest way of saving Instagram pictures of other people on your Android phone

Instagram is a simple and easy-to-use photo and video sharing platform that allows you snap a picture/ select from your gallery and add great filters to enhance the picture before uploading. The pictures can also be shared automatically to your facebook, twitter and tumblr accounts as well. Instagram only allows you to view, like and comment on other people's picture BUT doesn't give room for saving them, this post therefore contains detailed steps with screenshots, explaining how you can save other people's picture on instagram to your android phone. 

How to activate or deactivate auto-borrow credit on airtel and glo

Shortly after the credit borrowing service was launched by major telecommunication providers in Nigeria, plans were quickly made to put the whole system of borrowing credit on Auto-pilot to make sure our calls don't get interrupted when credit get exhausted. It's a really cool initiative but sometimes we make some calls and don't really wish to call back if the current call credit gets exhausted. So, if you've opt-in for the auto-borrow service on your glo and airtel lines but wish to deactivate it now, here's how to go about it. to provide quick access to auto insurance policy in Nigeria is an online auto insurance platform to be launched in Nigeria on monday (20/10/2014). It was setup by a group of intellectuals and the platform was quickly approved by relevant regulatory bodies in the insurance sector.

WhoGoHost Limited is offering discounted .NG domains this october 2014

WhoGoHost Limited, an online company that's into web hosting, Domain registration, web designing, SSL certification and hosting re-seller services is currently offering discounts on the registration of .NG domains this month of october, 2014 as their way of celebrating Nigeria's

The Glo Jolof package offers 6 mins of call + 6 sms for 50 naira

Globacom Nigeria has introduced various special packages that come with exciting bonuses, one of these special packages is the Glo Jolof package and it offers 6 (six) minutes of call time and 6 sms for a subscription fee of 50 naira only. The glo jolof comes in two options depending on the subscription

Full details of the FREE Airtel Life and Hospital insurance for Airtel subscribers

Airtel Nigeria is indeed the first telecommunication provider in Nigeria to launch a completely FREE Insurance cash policy for her customers, covering life and hospital bill. This free insurance policy from Airtel is for their registered customers between the ages of 18-65 that are residents of

Best way to protect sensitive data on your Android phone

The best way to protect sensitive data on your Android device is to encrypt the phone. If you have sensitive information on your Android phone and won’t like such information to fall into the wrong hands in cases of theft or loss of the phone, encryption is the surest way and this post contains the step by step process involved, including all you need to know before you embark on it.

How to use the Auto-Kill feature of the Clean Master Application on Android

In my previous posts, I’ve talked about Identifying applications that are draining the battery on your Android phone as well as The 2 Easy ways of killing unused applications to prolong battery life . In the last post, i recommended Clean Master on Google Play and a couple of readers have been sending messages about how to use the Auto-kill feature of that recommended application - CM . so I want to  quickly take you through the 3 easy steps to switch on the Auto-kill feature of the clean Master application on Android.    

New Glo Activation codes to recharge call credits, data and IDD

You can now use the normal glo airtime credits to recharge data (MB), airtime and IDD with the new 3-in-1 feature from Glo network. This means that when you purchase glo airtime from your usual seller, you can now automatically load the card as data, airtime or IDD without the usual long process

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus passed drop test? (See VIDEO)

Several videos have surfaced on the internet since the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus but it all seem to fail the drop tests at certain stages but i stumbled on one video on you tube of recent, this particular drop test was carried out by Android Authority and you would be pretty surprised to see the result.

Best 2 Android Applications to improve phone perfomance and speed

If you own an android phone particularly those ones running on 512 MB RAM with Low processor, you would agree with me that the phone gets very slow sometimes after opening few applications, it may even get worse causing the phone to hang completely. But all the same here's 2 carefully  selected applications that will help you minimize such occurrence and keep your phone running at optimum performance.

Download Ookla Speed test to know the internet speed on your Android device

Sometimes, it's just cool to know the internet speed of your network provider at a particular location in order to determine the best network to subscribe to. And if you are about to make a download of big files, it is highly recommended you know the download and upload speed of your current network to

How to take screenshots on Posh Memo S580A and most android phones

The Posh Memo S580A is an android phone running 4.2.2 Android OS with a 5.88inch screen, designed in USA by Posh and assembled in China  Someone using this phone approached me today to know how he could take screenshot on this phone and here's how i quickly helped him out. It will  also work for users of other android phones running Android 4.0 + sells MTN data at very cheap price with 30 days subscription

For a very long time, you would agree with me that Inforisticblog have always been trying to make sure that our readers gets the best value for money with regards to affordable data plans in Nigeria. Of recent, i wrote about making money as an MTN data re-seller and today i want to quickly show you a trusted MTN data re-seller that offers the best value for money. You will see current prices as