Best way to protect sensitive data on your Android phone


The best way to protect sensitive data on your Android device is to encrypt the phone. If you have sensitive information on your Android phone and won’t like such information to fall into the wrong hands in cases of theft or loss of the phone, encryption is the surest way and this post contains the step by step process involved, including all you need to know before you embark on it.
Phone encryption makes the data on your phone not just inaccessible to Unauthorized people but also ensures that nobody can decipher the content unless the pass code is inserted. Without the pass code, an encrypted data is just like a large sheet of paper that has been torn into very tiny pieces.

Just before you start encrypting your Android phone, please take note of the following (Very Important);

Things to Note before encrypting your Android phone

11.  Ensure you have a fully charged battery on your phone and keep the phone plugged to a power source throughout the process, it may take several minutes depending on how large your data is.
22. When asked to create a pass code, make sure you use a strong pass code that will be very difficult to guess by others and very easy to remember to you.
33. After successful encryption, it will take a little longer than usual for your phone to finish booting when you power ON.
44. If the phone gets lost or stolen, the phone remain encrypted and can only be decrypted when the correct pass code is entered.

How to encrypt your Android phone

11. Go to SETTINGS >> SECURITY >> ENCRYPTION >> Encrypt Phone

22. Click on Encrypt and follow the instructions on the screen, Remember the whole process may take time depending on the size of data on your phone.

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