How to take screenshots on Posh Memo S580A and most android phones

The Posh Memo S580A is an android phone running 4.2.2 Android OS with a 5.88inch screen, designed in USA by Posh and assembled in China  Someone using this phone approached me today to know how he could take screenshot on this phone and here's how i quickly helped him out. It will also work for users of other android phones running Android 4.0 +

*Firstly, you need to download Easy Screenshot from Google Play Store (It is a non-advert application)
*After successful installation, you can now take screenshots by simply pressing the power button together with the Volume down button. It is as easy as that
*Find your screenshots at the Easy Screen Shots folder in your gallery
How to take screenshots on Posh Memo S580A and most android phones

I hope this was helpful, Do you have other alternative methods, do share it with us via the comment box. Don't forget to share this with your friends too.

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  1. This tip worked fine on my Alcatel pixi 3 phone. Thanks Editor

  2. Hello Admin, I tried doing what you said above but my posh ended up with this error message, "can't save screenshot" what could be the problem, even when I take shots on my camera, it doesn't save them. Pls help


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