New Glo Activation codes to recharge call credits, data and IDD


You can now use the normal glo airtime credits to recharge data (MB), airtime and IDD with the new 3-in-1 feature from Glo network. This means that when you purchase glo airtime from your usual seller, you can now automatically load the card as data, airtime or IDD without the usual long process
of loading the card to top-up main balance then dialing the code for making data subscription or purchasing IDD package . This post contains the activation codes to be used for data, airtime and IDD recharge on the glo network in Nigeria.

The Glo Activation codes for data, Airtime and IDD

After purchasing the required recharge card, use any of the codes below to make your preferred transaction

Airtime Recharge: the activation code for airtime recharge still remains *123*Recharge PIN#
e.g *123*1234123412341234#
where "1234123412341234" is the Recharge PIN

Data Recharge: The activation code for data recharge is *223*Recharge PIN#
e.g *223*1234123412341234#
Where "1234123412341234" is the Recharge PIN

IDD Recharge: The activation code for IDD recharge is *323*Recharge PIN#
e.g *323*1234123412341234#
Where "1234123412341234" is the Recharge PIN

Benefits: There are benefits attached to the use of these new Glo activation codes. These benefits includes;
1. You get more than the usual data when you use activation code for data e.g when you dial *223*Recharge PIN# to load 100 naira PIN, you will get 22MB instead of 20 MB.
2. You get cheaper IDD call rates when you use the IDD activation codes
3. The higher the amount you load the more the bonus attached.

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