The Glo Jolof package offers 6 mins of call + 6 sms for 50 naira


Globacom Nigeria has introduced various special packages that come with exciting bonuses, one of these special packages is the Glo Jolof package and it offers 6 (six) minutes of call time and 6 sms for a subscription fee of 50 naira only. The glo jolof comes in two options depending on the subscription
fee. Unlike the 50 naira package that gives you 6 minutes of calls, the 25 naira version gives you 3 minutes of call time with 3 sms'

Before i tell you the subscription code for the jolof package, i would like to inform you about the cons of this glo package;

Cons of the Glo Jolof plan

1. For the 50 naira package, only TWO (2) minutes of call time is available to call other networks. the bulk of the call time is for on-net calls i.e glo-glo calls
2. For the 25 Naira package, only ONE (1) minute of call time is available to call other networks, the remaining TWO (2) minutes is for on-net calls i.e glo-glo calls.

1. The whole of the sms allocated to the glo jolof package is for glo lines ONLY. You can not use it to send sms to other networks.

So, if you are interested in this package, check out the subscription codes below

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Subscription codes for the Glo Jolof Packages

1. To subscribe for Glo jolof 50 naira, dial *0805*50#
2. To subscribe for Glo Jolof 25 naira, dial *0805*25#

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 Comparing this package with the Airtel Talk More Package, i believe Glo can do more. What's your take on this, let's hear your opinion via the comment box below and don't forget to share this article as well.
Photo Credits: Gloworld
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