2 easy ways of transferring money to bank accounts in Nigeria without going to the bank


Gone are the days when you have to be in a bank to pay into a friend, family or partner's account. with the advent of the various online banking solutions and other payment platforms (Like Quickteller) in Nigeria, depositing and transferring funds has now been made a lot easier. Right from
the comfort your home, money can be transferred from your own account to other people's accounts
within or outside your bank. This post therefore contains two of the trusted, secured and convenient ways of making funds transfer to bank accounts in Nigeria.

1. Use of your Bank's Online Banking platform

Almost all banks in Nigeria now have online banking platforms to enable customers make transactions on their account from anywhere. Basically, these online platforms allows you to make money transfers within and outside your bank (i.e to other bank accounts in Nigeria), purchase airtime, make balance inquiries and so on.

In most banks, especially if you are a Gtbank or Access bank customer, you will have to walk up to the customer care section in any of their branches nation wide to first of all get your account profiled
2-easy-ways-of-transferring-money to bank accounts-in-nigeria-without-going-to-the-bank
Gtbank's Token

for the online banking service then request for the token to complete transactions on your account (It is not free though). Without, the token you only have access to limited service on the platform and will not be able to make sensitive transactions like money transfer.     

2. Use of Quickteller to make money transfer to bank accounts in Nigeria

Well, this is an alternative to your online banking platform, Quickteller also allows you to transfer money from your account to other bank accounts in Nigeria provided you have either a verve or Mastercard ATM card  - According to Quickteller, VISA card will soon be accepted for such transactions but for now you can only use VISA card to make airtime purchase on Quickteller. To use quickteller to make funds transfer to bank accounts in Nigeria, check out my previous post >> How to use quickteller to transfer money from your account to other bank accounts in Nigeria.

2-easy-ways-of-transferring-money to bank accounts-in-nigeria-without-going-to-the-bank
Apart from transferring funds with quickteller, you can also carry out various transactions such as collecting money transferred via western Union, Gotv and DSTV subscription payments, airtime purchase, purchasing movie tickets and so on.

 Is it free to transfer funds on both platforms?

I don't know much about other banks but Gtbank charges a total of 110.25 naira for transferring money to accounts in other banks while transfer to other Gtbank accounts is FREE. If you are using quickteller, you will be charged a convenience fee of 100 naira for any transaction

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  1. Is paga.com also doing inter-bank transfer?

  2. Quickteller has been very helpful. I love the app


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