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Forgot to logout your Gmail? Just Logout remotely- see How

Sometimes we sign into Gmail from a public PC and forget to sign out, an alternative way to avoid unauthorized activity on your Gmail account without changing password is to sign out remotely from another device.

10 Gmail Keyboard shortcuts and how to use them

Gmail can become more interesting and easily accessible with the use of shortcuts. There are several shortcuts that can be used to get things done quickly on Gmail but in this post i will be sharing 10 from the list. You may add yours in the comment section to make your contribution to this list. 

Infinix HOT X507: Full Specifications and Price in Nigeria

The Infinix HOT X507 is a new Android phone from Infinix, it has come with many unique features at a very affordable price. The phone has a large screen -5", latest Android OS, high resolution camera and above all, a very good processor of 1.3 GHz to enhance speed and handling of several tasks at same time without fuss.

Codes for the MTN Whatsapp plan for MTN subscribers in Nigeria

The MTN Whatsapp Goodybag is the data bundle for Whatsapp users on the MTN network in Nigeria, this data plan offers unlimited connection to whatsapp at a low and affordable cost. Subscribers can either subscribe for the weekly plan or monthly plan which costs #25 and 60 Naira respectively..

3 Easy ways to Clear DSTV E16 error in Nigeria

E16 error is a common error on DSTV which usually shows as a result of expired subscription but sometimes it shows despite active subscription. In the case of an active subscription, here's how to clear the E16 error and  restore viewing on your DSTV decoder.

How to prevent a friend from seeing your updates on Facebook

If someone adds you on Facebook and you do not wish to have the person viewing your updates, there's a way to keep the person in the shadows if you do not want to give the person a straight NO. This tip will enable you restrict the person from seeing your updates except you choose to

Download Secret codes for Android to gain access to secret Menus on your device

Android phones like every other phone you've known in the past have gotten some hidden Menus that can only be accessed through the use of  certain codes . A lot of this secret codes for Android can be found all over the internet but most times, finding the one that will work on your device is always the  problem.