10 Gmail Keyboard shortcuts and how to use them


Gmail can become more interesting and easily accessible with the use of shortcuts. There are several shortcuts that can be used to get things done quickly on Gmail but in this post i will be sharing 10 from the list. You may add yours in the comment section to make your contribution to this list. 

Before you start using keyboard shortcuts to access your Gmail, you will need to activate the feature under "Settings". Follow the steps below to activate Keyboard shortcuts on your Gmail

STEP 1: Click the Gear icon towards the top-right corner of your Gmail inbox then select "settings" from the drop-down Menu that follows.


STEP 2: Look for "Keyboard shortcut", select ON. See screenshot below


STEP 3: After completing STEP 2 above, scroll down to save changes

Now that you have successfully completed the steps above, here's the 10 Gmail Keyboard shortcuts that you can start applying right away.

  • C or Ctrl+ C : to compose a new message 
  • Tab + Enter : to send a message 
  • K : to move to a more recent conversation
  • R : to reply a message 
  • A : to reply to All
  • ! : report as Spam/ Unsubscribe 
  • n : moves cursor to the next message
  • g then i : go to your Gmail Inbox
  • x : select the current conversation
  • j : moves to the next oldest conversation
I hope this was helpful, kindly take few seconds to share it. Your comments are highly welcomed as well. 




  1. Thanks for the great tip, pls is there a way to get the other keyboard shortcuts apart from these selected ones?

    1. Use Ctrl+ ? to see all the Gmail keyboard shortcuts

  2. Keep up the good work, shortcuts make things a lot better. I will be practicing some of the shortcuts now


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