Download Secret codes for Android to gain access to secret Menus on your device


Android phones like every other phone you've known in the past have gotten some hidden Menus that can only be accessed through the use of  certain codes. A lot of this secret codes for Android can be found all over the internet but most times, finding the one that will work on your device is always the problem.

Just of recent, i discovered an app that can help you scan your Android device to determine which secret code will work for your phone.

Secret codes for android gives you the list of available secret codes for your phone and also allow you to use them with just a click so you need not worry about copying and pasting or memorizing the codes.

I tried the app on my Android phone and below is a screenshot of one of the secret menus i discovered, this particular menu allowed me to test all the components of my android phone such as Wifi, camera and so on. You should download this application too to discover other things that are embedded in your android phone.



How To Download Secret Codes for Android

You can download secret codes for Android directly from Google Play store, you may just click here to download it directly.

NB: There are several other secret code apps for android that you can choose from when you put up a  search for "secret codes" on Google play. This particular one is just a suggestion since i've tried it.

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  1. It worked fine. I have found many secret codes before but those codes didn't work for my Posh Memo android device. This was really helpful bruv, thanks


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