How to prevent a friend from seeing your updates on Facebook


If someone adds you on Facebook and you do not wish to have the person viewing your updates, there's a way to keep the person in the shadows if you do not want to give the person a straight NO. This tip will enable you restrict the person from seeing your updates except you choose to
share the update "Publicly"

How to Restrict a friend from seeing your updates on Facebook

Logon to Facebook, Go to the person's profile and follow the screen shots below

Locate the Friends Tab as seen in the screenshot below and select "Add to another List" from the drop down menu


From the expanded drop-down Menu, select Restricted as seen in the screenshot below. Doing this will restrict that person from viewing your updates.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it is quite simple to implement, i'm just surprised i did not know about it all this while.


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