How to Buy Airtime from Gtbank account to any mobile phone in Nigeria


Gtbank now allows you to buy airtime for your friends and family via your mobile phones from your Gtbank account.
Initially Gtbank customers were only allowed to buy airtime for their registered lines ONLY i.e the particular line that receives the alerts. But now you can buy airtime to other mobile lines (which includes friends, families e.t.c) and get it deducted from your account balance in the bank.

Code for Buying Airtime Credits for Friends from your Gtbank Account

Firstly, you should make sure you are using the phone line that is registered with your account in Gtbank and you should also have your Gtbank Mastercard handy. If you have all of these, then let's proceed to the main thing.

To buy airtime from your Gtbank account, dial *737*Amount*phone-number#. 
For example dial *737*500*0803xxxxxxx# to buy 500 Naira airtime for that particular line. 
Then reply the prompts correctly as follows
  • Choose the correct number that corresponds to the network of the receiver
  • Input the last 4 digits on your Gtbank MasterCard
  • Wait for the transaction alert

That's all
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  1. Will this code work outside Nigeria? for example help a Brother in Nigeria recharge is line from USA

    1. You will be able to do that IF you have registered for Gtbank internet banking and gotten your Token for transactions. Otherwise use mobile recharge

  2. Tried buying airtime on my Samsung phone and it always says 'CONNECTION problem or invalid MMI code'

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