How to Convert any Youtube video into a GIF


I was just trying to check out some interesting tricks on YouTube when i stumbled on this YouTube tip which allows you to convert any YouTube video into GIF so, i decided to share it with you like i
always do. Without wasting time, here's how you can start converting the interesting parts of your
favorite Youtube videos to GIF

Turning a You tube video into GIF

  • Log on to
  • copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to convert to GIF
  • Paste it in the bar as requested on the site then click "Create GIF"

  • You will then be asked to configure your GIF which involves choosing the part of the YouTube video you wish to convert to GIF.
Check out my GIF version of this popular Ghanian movie on YouTube here. You can also share yours via the comments tabs below this post, we'll be happy to see them.  

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