How to Find Pickup location of Your PVC- Permanent Voter's Card Online


The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC has taken a giant step to ensure that every eligible voter in Nigeria gets his/her PVC before the election day by providing an online platform that enables you to find the location of your PVC - Permanent Voter's Card

How To Find Pickup location of your PVC

If you are yet to collect your PVC and you have your TVC that is, Temporary Voter's Card with you. Just look for the PU Number at the front of your Temporary Voter's card then logon to


Input your PU Number in the spaces provided below the page and Voila! the location of your PVC will be displayed right on your screen. I just tried it and I'll be heading to my pickup location tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted on the success - But you can also give it a try here

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  1. Thanks, it worked fine. I didn't know my PVC has been in one primary school all this while


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