How to use Gmail labels and filters to organize your Gmail inbox


In order to have a tidy inbox with easy access to mails from selected senders all at once, the labels and filters on Gmail needs to be put into use. Correct usage of the labels and filters on Gmail will help you to automatically sort emails from a particular sender with just a click. In addition to this,
new messages from the selected sender can be configured to automatically be filtered into the list while still appearing in the inbox.

 How to use Gmail Filters and Labels

After reading an email in your Gmail inbox, click the label symbol above the mail

From the drop down menu that shows up, click Create new, enter the label name then click Create.  In my own case, i will be using notification mails from twitter for this tutorial. So i named it Twitter Notifications as seen in the screenshot below.


After completing the steps above, Click the More button beside Label and select "Filter Messages like this" from the drop down menu


From the pop-up window, Select the label you created, click the radio button beside Create Filter at the bottom then Create Filter. See screenshot below for guidance


  If you have followed the steps carefully, all new and old mails from that particular sender can now be easily found under the Label name you created earlier. Just look for the label name below

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial,it's very easy to follow. I did it in my Gmail successfully. Thanks once again.


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