How to Fix Slow internet connection on your Android phone


Android phones can be so frustrating if you have poor or No internet connectivity. Sometimes, the poor internet connection may be as a result of poor internet service from your Network provider BUT how about a situation whereby you can see a stable 3G or H+ on your friend's phone but yours keeps
telling you to manage E (EDGE) network which is not as fast as the 3G, this post will help you out of the mystery.

What to do if your Android only receives EDGE network

If your ANDROID phone only receives EDGE network i.e only E displays on your notification despite having 3G capability, you should follow this simple steps to fix the problem

  • If your Android phone is a dual sim phone, check if the Data sim is activated for 3G/2G network. Go to SETTINGS >> Mobile Networks >> 3G service >> Enable 3G for the selected SIM you choose for internet connection. See slide below
  • Check other people using the same network to know if it's a general problem.

  • If the above methods doesn't work, then you should check the Network frequency of your Android phone (can be found on the pack or Manual) and compare it with the Network frequency of your Network provider, if your Network provider is giving you a higher or lower 3G frequency, your phone will only operate in the frequency that matches that which is stated by the manufacturer. For instance POSH Memo S580 according to the Manufacturers can receive 3G frequencies of WCDMA850/1900Mhz OR 850/2100Mhz, this frequencies however doesn't match any of our Network provider's here in Nigeria, this in turn accounts for the regular EDGE network on that particular phone when used with our networks. It is therefore safer to buy Android phones that are made for your country or region. Nigerians can find the frequency allocations of all Network providers on the NCC site.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post, What do u think could be wrong with my HTC incredible 2, it has never been on 3G on all the networks I've tried in this country. Could it be that the 3G frequency we have here is not compatible with the phone?

    1. It is very possible that the phone is not compatible with the 3G frequency of your network provider, check the 3G frequencies of the phone to confirm


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