How to Lock or Unlock your PC with a USB


Do you know that you can lock and unlock your personal laptop with a Universal Serial Board? The need for this arises when you do not want colleagues to access your documents, pictures, music and videos.

To use a USB as a lock, the user will download predatorwhich is an application developed to specifically lock and unlock a system. You can also use an inbuilt Windows system called Syskey., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how you can lock and unlock your computer with a USB.


Steps to Lock or Unlock Laptop Using predator

·   Download and Install Predator.

·   Insert the flash drive when predator launches.

·  As soon as you insert the USB, a dialogue box will pop-up requesting a password

·   Use the flash drive to create a password and click on ok.

·  You can safely remove your USB

·  Unlock your system using the same password you used to lock it.

Steps to Lock or Unlock PC with sysKey

·  Connect your Pendrive or USB to your system.

·  Search for  run and type in SysKey 

·  An encryption dialogue box will appear, enable it then click on update.

·  You can either use password startup and system generated a password.

·  Select the system generated password and Click store startup key on a floppy disc, enter password.

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