Lost Gtbank MasterCard? Here's how to Block it via SMS fast

Details of your MasterCard as well as every other ATM card with online/internet banking feature needs to be kept secret. This is because the details of the card could be used to make online debit transactions without any form of authorization request sent to the owner of the card.
If you own a Gtbank MasterCard, you can quickly block a lost MasterCard via a single SMS to avoid stories that touch. All it require is your GTBank account number and you are all set to block the lost or stolen GTBank MasterCard. 

How to Block Lost/Stolen Gtbank MasterCard

To Block a lost or stolen GTBank MasterCard, simply text " HOTLIST (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555


For example: HOTLIST0012343212 TO 08076665555 

NB: No space in-between the command and the account number. If you are UBA customer, you can also Block lost UBA ATM Card through your phone

Source: Gtbank

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  1. Your article was very helpful bro, thanks for the information.

  2. It was very helpful but how will someone withdraw from my account just by having my MasterCard details without the PIN, Please throw more light on that cuz I do give people my MasterCard to help me withdraw from the ATM.

  3. Banks always advise their customers to keep the details of their MasterCard safe because international Payment Gateways for making transactions will not require your token or any special safetoken before completing a debit transaction made on your card; all they need is the details on your card, stay safe Bro

  4. I came across your blog through bing search and i'm very happy your post gave me the solution to what I needed. Thanks ADMIN, CARD blocked successfully.

  5. Really helpful BT how can I request for a new master card frm GT bank after hotlisting my former one due to d fact dat it was stolen?? Pls need reply urgently


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