Buy Groceries on Konga and Get it delivered same Day

Making your favourite soups and local dishes just got a lot easier as Konga now offers same day delivery for all your groceries and ingredients needed to make your local delicacies. All you have to do is visit Konga Grocery Store and fill your cart with all you need to prepare that special meal.


On Konga Grocery Store, you can shop from a wide range of frozen foods and whether it’s smoked goat meat, shredded beef, beef kidney, chicken wings, chicken fillet, shrimps, peeled prawns, goat meat, dried fish and all the animal protein you could possibly need. That’s not all; you can also shop bundles for different soups and meals like the banga soup bundle, fried rice bundle, egusi soup bundle, jollof rice bundle, Bitter leaf soup bundle, efo riro bundle, oha soup bundle, edikaikong bundle, nsala soup bundle and so much more! 

We are not done yet. You can also buy your cereal, beverages, milk, seasoning and much more. This takes away 50% of the kitchen stress! Make cooking easier and less stressful. Click here to buy fresh foods and have them delivered to you same day. Convenience is found on Konga!

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