How To Load Airtime Using your Phone's Camera


Loading recharge cards on your mobile line can be very frustrating sometimes especially when you can't get a single denomination and have to add up smaller ones to get what you want, Imagine loading Five -  5 (200 NGN recharge cards) to make 1000 Naira. Well, there is an app that allows your phone camera save you all that stress, and that's what i want to share with you today.  

Credify is an application designed by a Ghanaian developer to enable phone users recharge their mobile lines by scanning via camera. The process begins by carefully scratching the rechcarge card, then launching the Credify app to do the loading. It is as simple as that!

Credify will extract the codes for you then help you load it to your account.


How To Download Credify

To Download Credify, Click Here

NB: Only Supports Carriers in Ghana as at the time of writing this post

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