How to Link your BVN to your GTbank Account Online


The Bank Verification Number registration deadline has finally arrived, Bank account holders that are yet to do the needful are now queuing up in various commercial bank branches across the country to do it the hard way but all the
same, GTBank account holders that have registered for BVN in another bank can quickly link their BVN to their account with GTBank in less than a minute online.
Link BVN to GTBank Acc. Screenshot

How to Link your BVN to Your GTBank Account Online   

GTBank has created a secured online platform to enable customers update their account with their Bank Verification Number. To link your BVN to your GTBank account, click here to go the GTBank page.

You will only be required to provide your GTBank NUBAN account number, name of bank where you registered for the BVN and the BVN Number.

NB: This is not a scam page, i am aware of various fraudulent e-mails and text messages circulating online about linking BVN but this particular one is NOT one of them and you may call GT Connect for verification.

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