How to Use Whatsapp as a Search engine like Google


Whatsapp, one of the most widely used mobile messaging application in the world has been discovered to also feature some search engine abilities. This simply means that apart from using Whatsapp to chat and make voice calls, the mobile messaging app can also be used to send search queries and get results in real time. See how to activate it on your whatsapp as you read on.

How to Activate search engine feature on whatsapp

  • Save +918148911230 as a contact on your phone with the name Wikipedia
  • Launch your Whatsapp >>> create a New group >>> Add Wikipedia as the only member 
  • Click Create and you have completed the set-up process.
Anytime you want to enter a search query, just type the words into the group you created starting with the word, "Wiki" without the quotes. For example Wiki Inforisticblog  and you will get the search result in no time. See screenshot below.


   Try it and let's have your feedback. You can drop your comments in the comments section below this article. Enjoy




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