Glo Blackberry Complete Plan increased to 1400 Naira

The Glo Blackberry Complete Plan that we have known to be 1000 Naira has been increased to 1400 Naira. If you have tried to subscribe to the Glo BBC plan, you might have noticed that 1000 Naira is now insufficient to complete the transaction. It is simply because Glo has increased the price of the Glo Blackberry Complete Plan.

Before now, the Glo Blackberry Complete Plan goes for 1000 Naira and it offers 3GB data for 30 days, this plan is made for Blackberry users and "unofficially" for Android phones. 

Globacom Nigeria has not sent any message to this effect yet but be informed that you will need more than the usual 1000 Naira to subscribe to the Blackberry plan.

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