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Infinix HOT 3 - Full Specs, features and Price in Nigeria

The Infinix HOT 3 is one of the latest Android phones from Infinix Mobility. This Android phone may be the last successor of the Infinix HOT X507 that was released a year ago.

Full Details of the MTN SmoothTalk Plus tariff Plan

MTN SmoothTalk Plus is a special tariff plan from MTN that allows customers to make calls at a flat rate of 15k/secs to all networks in Nigeria. This new tariff plan does not involve any daily or monthly fee except for the fact that your first one (1) minute call for the day will be charged at 40k/ secs ( that is NGN 24.00/ min).

Get Prams and Strollers on

Jiji is the biggest Nigerian classifieds and the best online shopping spot. It is a place, where everything is possible. By opening it, you get access to the hundreds of thousands of offers and can find and buy everything you need within minutes.

Snapchat now has Emojis that move with your Videos

Snapchat one of the most popular and even the most widely used social media app among teens has recently rolled out an update that enable users add emojis stickers that moves with any selected object in a video.

Snapchat becomes the most popular Social Network among Teens - New Poll Suggests

Snapchat has continued to make itself relevant over the years by trying to add unique features that will make users more interested in finding it useful in their everyday lives. And according to new reports, the app has become so popular among teens even to the extent of surpassing Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . A latest Piper Jaffray Study titled Taking Stock with Teens  which involved about 6500 US teens revealed that more teens choose Snapchat over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The objective of the poll was to find out the most used social network among teens. The result of the poll showed Snapchat taking 28% of the votes, followed by instagram, twitter and Facebook. From this result, one could conclude that teens tend to be more interested in pictures and videos rather than reading more texts as seen on Facebook and Twitter. What do you think about the result of this poll by Piper Jaffray, what is your most used social media platform? Let's have it in t

How to Migrate your Visafone to MTN Network

It is no longer news that MTN has acquired Visafone despite the fact that Etisalat filed a suit against the acquisition early this year. The Visafone customer migration is a simple process of migration that allows all VISAFONE numbers work on the MTN network and function as a GSM service.

MTN Customer Care can now be reached through Whatsapp

MTN Customers can now access customer care in a more convenient way as MTN releases whatsapp lines as an alternative way for customers to make their inquiries, complaints and other help issues.

Download Tinder Apk for Blackberry and Android Phones

Downloading the Tinder dating application for use on your Android or Blackberry 10 phones can be a little bit of drag sometimes. But nevertheless, here's how you can download the APK to your Blackberry 10 or Android phones to enjoy all that Tinder has got to offer.

Netflix finally gets a Powerful Competitor from Amazon

Netflix has finally gotten a brand new and extremely powerful competitor made by Amazon. Just yesterday, Amazon launched its own stand alone video streaming service called Amazon Prime Video. This newly launched video streaming service will allow users stream videos with a monthly fee of $8.99.

Blackberry to Stop Producing BB10 Phones and focus on Android

Around 8 to 9 years ago, Blackberry arrived Nigeria, the phone introduced many Nigerians to the world of exciting social media messaging and push email messages. Despite the great features of this phone, the mobile market became unfavorable within a short period of its existence with the launch of Android Phones.

HTC 10: Epic Unboxing Video and Product Review

T-Mobile has released an Epic and detailed unboxing video of the long awaited Android device from HTC called HTC 10 Power of 10 . The video confirms some of the earlier specs that was revealed in one of our previous posts.

How to Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance on Phone

If you are a Fidelity Bank customer that prefers to know your account balance without going to the bank, calling customer care or using the ATM. Here's how you can check your account balance from your Fidelity Bank account without leaving your house or using the online application.