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Jiji is the biggest Nigerian classifieds and the best online shopping spot. It is a place, where everything is possible. By opening it, you get access to the hundreds of thousands of offers and can find and buy everything you need within minutes.

Jiji is an online marketplace where people sell their stuff. It functions exactly like ordinary market but with several improvements that makes shopping a lot easier and convenient, thanks to the web space that has given room to new opportunities. For instance, now you don’t have to pay any rent for a counter or shop space: simply post an ad for free on, and it will be available to millions of potential customers all over the country. 
Jiji doesn’t sell anything personally. However, it helps other people to do it and always welcomes new users. Jiji creates perfect conditions for shopping and takes care of users’ security. Here, you can be always sure that you are dealing with real people. It is a place, where sellers and users can communicate directly with each other and make their deals. 
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The ease of finding your search items is very impressive with no complications: the website is divided into various categories and subcategories, which make searching more precise. When you open Prams and Strollers, a part of Babies and Kids for instance, you can scan the entire list of offers or change it a bit, leaving only exactly what you need. Click on “cot”, “swing” or “baby bouncers”, choose a city or apply other filters – it’s all up to you. 


Buying on Jiji is as easy as finding what you need. And don’t even doubt: you’ll find something appropriate. There are over 530,000 active ads to choose from; at least one of those is about your new purchase. 

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