How to Migrate your Visafone to MTN Network


It is no longer news that MTN has acquired Visafone despite the fact that Etisalat filed a suit against the acquisition early this year. The Visafone customer migration is a simple process of migration that allows all VISAFONE numbers work on the MTN network and function as a GSM service.

Since the CDMA network has now been acquired by another service provider MTN, subscribers of Visafone will now have to upgrade their SIM to the GSM network in order to enjoy the improved service and coverage.

How to Upgrade your Visafone to MTN Network


Existing Visafone users can upgrade to the MTN Network by simply walking into any Visafone or MTN retail outlet across the country.

Migration Requirements

1. Duly filled Migration form (to be provided to customer on visit).

2. An active VISAFONE MSISDN i.e a valid Visafone line.

3. Three (3) frequently dialled numbers

4. A Valid ID card – International Passport (Data Page), Driver’s license, National ID, Voters Card, etc.

5. VISAFONE SIM or Starter Pack/kits (Optional).

6. Last recharge and activation date (optional).

In case, you have questions about this Visafone migration, i have prepared answers to some of the FAQs. Please read it carefully

1. It is mandatory to do the migration because Visafone is now owned and powered by MTN.

2. Your Visafone number and tariff plans will still be retained on the MTN Network after migration.

3. The Migrations is FREE.

4. The Migration is instantly but it will take 24 hours for your line to be fully active on the MTN network.

5. You can not send someone to do the activation for you. You are required to do it yourself.

6. You will not be able to retain your current airtime balance before migration but MTN has promised to do some substantial compensation after successful migration.

7. If your current phone is not compatible with GSM lines, you will need to get a GSM phone after successful migration to MTN   

8. You will be able to use your Visafone line wherever MTN Network is available nationwide.

9. After the migration, you won't be able to recharge using Visafone recharge vouchers.

10. You can call Customer Care on 222 at anytime of the day.

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  1. This is a good development. My fear is the fate of distressed CDMA operators
    which are yet to be acquired. MTN is now fully settled as the dominant carrier in a competitive telecom markets.

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