Snapchat now has Emojis that move with your Videos

Snapchat one of the most popular and even the most widely used social media app among teens has recently rolled out an update that enable users add emojis stickers that moves with any selected object in a video.

This emoji stickers on snapchat even auto-adjusts itself to fit in perfectly to the selected object as the object moves in the video. Mind you, the object could be you, your car, your pet (as seen in the video on this page) or any other object you select.

In addition to this, you can still be creative with it by adding your other static emoji stickers to the same video anyhow you deem fit.


The Update is currently being rolled out to Android devices and iOs devices should expect it very soon.

Have you tried this moving emojis on your snapchat? share your experience with us via comments. Enjoy.