Google's Chromebooks outsold Apple's Macs for the first time


Google may be finally taking over the PC market for the first time ever as reports showed that computer makers shipped more chrome books than all Apple Laptops and desktops combined in the last quarter.

The report was made known by IDC - International Data Corporation and concerned analysts have been making their own opinions over this milestone that was recorded by Google in the US.

While some people were of the opinion that the demand from K-12 schools might have contributed strongly to the recent popularity of the chrome books, others were of the opinion that it is due to its affordability and it's ability to run web-based applications which its major competitor - Apple don't.
Google Chrome took over PC sales for the first time

Analyst Linn Huang on CNN Money said that "Google has also done a fantastic job building out a compelling management console that makes these devices easy to deploy and manage in a school setting. I'd argue, that has been the biggest driver of their growth as opposed to the low price."

Although, Microsoft still remains the leader with sales in schools outside the US but the recent take-over by Chromebooks inside the US is really a thing for them to worry about since US makes up a third of the global education tech market.

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  1. Microsoft will always lead, it will take time for them to outshine Microsoft


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