Top 8 Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts


Since the launch of the Windows 10 OS, so many people have taken advantage of the free upgrade offer to step up to the new Windows 10 experience and enjoy what the new version has got to offer.

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What i consider more interesting whenever there is a new version of windows is the part where i get to explore the ease of getting things done through some tricks and shortcut keys. This post contains 8 important shortcut keys to make you get the best out of your Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 

8 Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

  1. Windows Key-Tab (Task View)
  2. Windows Key-S (Daily Glance for weather, news, sports)
  3. Windows Key-Ctrl-F4 (closes virtual desktop)
  4. Windows Key-Up and Down (snap apps to top or bottom of screen)
  5. Windows Key-Right-Up (Moves app to top right quadrant)
  6. Windows Key-Ctrl-Left or Right (virtual desktop)
  7. Windows Key-Ctrl-D (new virtual desktop)
  8. Windows Key-Ctrl-C (Cortana listening)
Do you know of any other keyboard shortcut that should be on this list? Kindly share it via comments.