Tutorial on Changing Font Size on Windows 10


Just like every other previous versions of Windows, the display fonts and icons may not fit perfectly into every screen sizes. Luckily, the Windows 10 has a menu to fix issues concerning size of your screen's content. This post will guide you on how to adjust your Windows 10 display to fit perfectly into your PC's screen.
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How to change Font sizes in Windows 10

  • Right-click any empty space on your Windows 10 desktop and select Display Settings 
Display Setting

  • On the right pane in the Display Settings Window, use the provided slider to change the size of texts, app and other items. You can use this slider to increase size up to 175%

  • Apply your Changes and Log out; After applying changes, you will be asked to sign out to enable Windows load the new size.


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  • You should login again to see the changes and if the size is not good enough, simply follow the steps over again to adjust to perfection.
Credits: WonderHowTo
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