organizes First International Homesickness Day


International Homesickness day was celebrated for the first time in history this year September 27. This was an initiative of to celebrate expats worldwide who feel homesick.

KeepCalling is a platform dedicated to expats worldwide, providing very affordable Voice Credit service and Virtual Number. Most of customers are expats from all over the World and these people share one thing in common which is “Homesickness” organizes First International Home Sickness Day

The motto of the first Homesickness Day ever was “It’s OK to be Homesick.”

The event kicked off for the first time in September 27 with a contest which required participants (expats) to share an honest and personal comment on a video post on home sickness day, telling the World what they miss most about home. The video was posted on KeepCalling’s Facebook Wall. You can watch it below.

Some of these expats that participated include Eastern Europeans, Filipino, Vietnamese, Bolivian, Mexican among others. 

Selection of The Winner of the contest was random with the use of a specialized online tool to avoid bias.

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