How plans to celebrate Expats this World Top Up Day


World Top Up Day is a day set aside to celebrate Airtime Top up givers (mostly expats) across the globe. The day celebrates top up givers as a special group full of generosity that no one talks about, because they are not on the Charity screen. World Top Up Day is powered by

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How Mobile Recharge plans to celebrate Expats this World Top Up Day

In case you are hearing about this event for the first time, World Top Up Day was first celebrated on November 10, 2015 (See Wikipedia). This last year's edition was huge as  hundreds of thousands of Top up givers were celebrated and rewarded for their kindness.

This second edition of the Mobile Recharge powered event coming up on the 10th of November even promises to be bigger. The theme is "Kindness is viral. Pass it on!"

The Sponsor of the event, MobileRecharge serves people that live far away from their country home. These people send mobile credit to friends and families back home or some other country. By doing this they support local communication, and that's why they deserveto be celebrated.

How to Join in the World Top Up Day Celebration

Here's how you can take part in the World Top Up Day to enjoy all the awesome surprises that mobile recharge has got in store for the day.

  • Click here to open a free MobileRecharge account.
  • Make a list of people you wish to put smile on their faces and start sending mobile top-up to them anywhere they are across the globe.
  • You can also tell friends and families overseas to send mobile top-up to you by opening a free mobile recharge account to receive some kindness from abroad. (Just tell them to follow the first step above)

Save the date, November 10 is a day to get rewarded for being generous and kind. Pass it on!

From the Words of the Organisers;

"What we mean by World Top Up Day on a discrete level is: See people behind the invoice"

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  1. I heard about it last year, it seems the day has finally come to stay.

    If i ask someone to send airtime to me via the channel, is there any surprises for me?

  2. Mobilerecharge rocks! The service is fast and efficient, I'm glad to know there's a day set aside for users like us


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