Full list of Glo BB10 Data Plans and subscription codes


Glo BB10 data plans provides Blackberry phones running OS 10 to enjoy very affordable internet service packages. With as little as 100 Naira, you can be sure of getting online. See the full list and subscription code as you read on.

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Glo BB10 Data Plans and Subscription codes

Glo BB10 data plans comes in daily, weekly and monthly packages and there are two methods of subscription which is either via text message or dialing the short code of the data plan you wish to buy. See details in the table below;

First Method: Subscribing via short code

Data Volume
Subscription Code
1 Day
NGN 100
5 Days
NGN 200
1.6 GB
7 Days
NGN 500
3.2 GB
30 Days
NGN 1000
7.5 GB
30 Days
NGN 2000
10 GB
30 Days
NGN 2500
12 GB
30 Days
NGN 3000
30 Days
NGN 4000
24 GB
30 Days
NGN 5000
48 GB
30 Days
NGN 8000

Second Method: Subscribing via text message

You can buy a Glo BB10 data plan via text message; to do this, simply compose a text in the below format:

BBPrice to 777

For example, to buy 60 MB for 1 day, text BB followed by the price to 777 (without space). 

That is "BB100" to 777

Just check the Price of the volume of data you wish to buy, then add the prefix BB without space and send to 777. It is as simple as that.

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