How to get an Impostor deleted on Facebook within 5 minutes


The number of fake facebook account is growing everyday, some unscrupulous individuals could download your pictures on Facebook and use it to create another facebook account in your name or another name just to carry out their selfish activities, here’s how to get them deleted before they carry out their crazy acts.

Facebook has made it very easy for users to get impersonator’s accounts deactivated with just few clicks. This post will guide you on how to get an impostor’s Facebook account deleted in less than 5 minutes.

How to get an Impostor deleted on Facebook within 5 minutes

How to get an Impostor’s Facebook account deleted

Once you discover an impostor’s facebook account, it could be your own or a friend or family’s. Just do the following and make sure you know the facebook name of the person that was impersonated or if it is you as the case may be;

1. Go to the facebook profile of the impersonator ( click the name if you are on your timeline)

2. Beside the message icon, click the button with 3 dots and select “Report” from the drop down menu. (see screenshot below)

3.  If asked to fill a survey, you may fill the survey or just click “continue” 

4. On the “What would you like to do” segment, click the radio button for ” Report Profile” > click continue.

5. On the next Window, click “They are pretending to be me or someone i know” then click continue.

What to do when someone impersonates you on Facebook

6. You will be asked to enter the name on the original profile, just enter the facebook name of the person that was impersonated.

7. That’s all

I hope this was helpful, let’s have your opinions via comments  

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