Swap Naija allows you to transfer Airtime between networks in Nigeria


As Information Technology continues to gain grounds in Nigeria, it has in no small way gave room for very good innovations that cut across all works of life. Have you ever wondered if it's possible to send the airtime on your Glo line to your MTN or any other mobile network in Nigeria or vice versa? This post will guide you on how you can start sending airtime credits from one network to another - No network barrier.

Swap Naija is an Android App that enables you to to transfer airtime credits from one network to any other network in Nigeria. The process is very easy to set up and the transaction fee is quite affordable.

Swap Naija - for Inter-network Airtime transfers


NB: Before you continue, ensure you have activated the Airtime transfer or share service on your line, if you have been transferring Airtime on your line before skip to the tutorial below, otherwise ( Read the activation guide for Airtel, MTN, Glo and Etisalat) Just click your network!

How to Use Swap Naija to transfer AIRTIME between different Networks in Nigeria

1. Download the Swap Naija App from Play Store
2. Launch the App and Create an Account as instructed.
3. Click the MENU button at the top-left corner and select "Swap" in the options  
4. You will be required to Choose your Network, amount to transfer, beneficiary's phone number and you will see the equivalent after successful swap. See screenshot below

Swap Naija allows you to transfer Airtime between networks in Nigeria

5. After completing Step 4 above, Click Swap Airtime and select the network you are transferring from if prompted.

DISCLAIMER: Inforisticblog is not in any way affiliated to the Swap Naija App. We've only shared the service with you because we have tried the service and we feel our Readers might find it helpful too.

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