Consumer Reports finally recommends the Apple Macbook Pro

Apple is surely on top of its game. Consumer Reports that has always been a friend but turned enemy when the new Apple Macbook Pro was released has suddenly gone crazy as the new battery fix gave them a turn-around.

You will recall sometimes ago when Consumer Reports failed to recommend the new Apple Macbook Pro over issues that had to do with battery performance. Their decision was announced after a rigorous analysis of the New Macbook Pro in December that revealed that the battery was performing below expectation.

The report even showed a particular piece with battery durability ranging 3.75 hours to 16 hours
The problem was reported to be as a result of a bug in Safari which has now been fixed. According to Apple, Consumer Reports’ test was not conventional as the Cache of the Safari was turned off resulting in an experiment that was not simulating a real-life usage.     

Consumer Reports finally recommends the Apple Macbook Pro

Now that Apple has got the batteries fixed, the result of the new Consumer Reports’ experiment on the Gadget has shown that the battery problem no longer exists.

In case you care to know what the new Macbook Pro battery now look like; it is estimated to be an incredible 17.25 hours, 18.75 and 15.75 hours for the 15-inch Pro, 13-inch Pro without a touch bar and 13-inch Pro with a touch bar respectively.   

"With the updated software, the three MacBook Pros in our labs all performed well, with one model running 18.75 hours on a charge," says the organization in a blog post on Thursday.

Mashable has reported that CR has also gone further to declare the device OK for consumers, saying all three of Apple's new MacBook Pros fall "well within the recommended range in Consumer Reports ratings."

CR's original findings caused a lot of attention as they followed a number of user reports that the battery life on the new MacBook Pros is far below Apple's promised 10 hours. These prompted Apple to remove the "time remaining" estimate from the battery drop down menu in the menu bar. 

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