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Expert Tips to avoid losing Money in Online betting Games

You don’t have to lose so much before you start making profits in your online betting career. Every game has got rules to enhance safe play and avoid fatal mistakes; this article looks into expert tips that guide participating in online betting games without losing money.

Are You Ready for a 3D Printing Revolution?

In 1784, the human race began the very first industrial revolution. We introduced steam, water and mechanical production equipment into our lives that heavily changed the human landscape.

Things You Need To Tech On Your Travels

Nothing is simultaneously as exciting and terrifying as moving to a new home. Whether you’re relocating to the next town over or the next country over, it’s not the distance which worries people so much as the unknown.

How to Learn Professional Skills With a Busy Lifestyle

Learning new skills is important for all walks of life, but it can be particularly beneficial in your career. However, when you’re already working a full-time job, whilst juggling home and social commitments, it can be very difficult to find the time to acquire new skills.

New Trends Show Mobile Is A Must For Business

It seems that the future is most definitely going to be mobile for businesses . We look at our phones around one hundred times each day according to a new report by the Daily Mail.

Cloud Technology Offers Far More Than Storage

Five years ago the term ‘cloud computing’ was the business industry’s new buzzword, today it’s the future of business and the internet combined. When the cloud first became big in the business industry, it was purely as a storage solution.

Google Pixel XL Full specs and Price

The Google Pixel XL is one of the first set of Android smartphones 'made by Google'. The device features the new in-built Google Assistant, a  5.5-inch Quad HD display,  Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB RAM and 32GB/128 internal storage.

5 Reasons why you should not Root your Android Phones

In recent time, phone makers have been making it increasingly difficult for customers to root their device, while these manufacturers are still battling with tightening the nuts to prevent rooting, others have even made it completely impossible. 

The Rise of Tecno Smartphones in Nigeria's mobile Market

The inception of Tecno Mobile in 2006 paved the popularity of dual-sim phones on the African markets. But before the company became a leading mobile brand all over Africa, it did not have a good start, as it received a series of negative feedback from the consumers in their target markets.

Apple will start manufacturing iPhones in India by June, Minister says

Late last year, we reported that Apple is planning to start manufacturing iPhones in India . This latest announcement by Indian Government gives a clear definition of how soon it would be.

Apple beats Samsung as the World's Top Smartphone maker - See Report

The results are out and Apple is back on top. According to a new report by research firm Strategy Analytics, the Apple sold more smartphones than any other company in the Q4 - fourth quarter of 2016, including its biggest rival in the competition, Samsung.

Google's Chrome browser for iPhones gets its much requested Feature

Google’s Chrome browser is finally getting one of it’s most anticipated feature for its iPhone users. This latest version of Chrome for iPhones comes with a built-in QR code scanner and here’s all you need to know about it.