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The Smallest Things Make the Biggest of Differences in Technology

As technology has grown, the components used to run and facilitate them haven’t. They have in the sense that they have grown stronger and more capable of keeping up with, and proving, the most cutting edge gadgets, but they haven’t in the sense of their size. 

Thrivesend - cheapest way to Transfer Money to any Bank Account in Nigeria

Most of the internet banking platforms in Nigeria charge you as much as 100 Naira or even more when you try to transfer money from your account to other banks in Nigeria. Some third-party platforms like Quickteller are also not left out.

Why Your Current TV Isn’t A Good Look

A television isn’t just a box with a screen – it’s much more than that to the average person. To human beings, it’s a means of enjoyment and relaxation. After all, there is nothing better than sitting down to watch our favorite Netflix programs on the big screen.

Simplest ways of posting on Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

To start posting on Facebook groups one by one is not easy but most of us just have to do it because we have no other choice but here is a good news for you, you can now publish multiple posts to Facebook groups without much stress.

6 Cool Android phones to replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Due to many reports of explosions, Samsung created a recall and replacement program to fix the safety problems of their Galaxy Note 7 device. But unfortunately, the problems persisted, and some replacement devices have been reported to have explosion related issues again.

The Unsung Components of Modern Technology

Everyday technology is used in the world over. Whilst people sit in front of their various devices and screens it’s easy for to forget, or even not know about, the various components that are working tirelessly every time they switch their device on.

How To Open A GTBank Domiciliary Account Fast and Easy

Are you in any business that requires transacting in foreign currencies? Do you wish to receive foreign currencies like Dollars, pounds, euro etc raw into your GTBank account without conversion? Then you need a domiciliary account. So with a domiciliary account here in Nigeria, you are able to deposit foreign currencies and as well, withdraw from the account when needed.

Want an Efficient Data Centre? This is What it Takes

Is the data centre that you operate as efficient as it can be? Whether a data centre is big or small, it needs to be set up and dealt with in the right way.

How to Enable Whatsapp Chat heads on your Android Phone

Whatsapp messenger now has a new tweak which allows you to see new messages as chat heads just like your Facebook messenger.