How to Enable Whatsapp Chat heads on your Android Phone


Whatsapp messenger now has a new tweak which allows you to see new messages as chat heads just like your Facebook messenger.

In 2013, Facebook announced the chat head feature and it was widely accepted. Have you ever imagined your favorite Whatsapp messenger getting the same feature?

Well, Whatsapp messenger has not gotten it officially but I will show you how to set it up with the help of a third-party app.

How to set up chat head for whatsapp

This chat head feature for Whatsapp Messenger allows you to get whatsapp message notifications in a new way, letting them pop-up as a circle on the side of your screen. This tutorial will show you the step-by-step guide on how to enable Whatsapp Chat heads on your device just like that of Facebook messenger with the help of an android app called "Dashdow"

How to Enable Whatsapp Chat heads on your Android Phone

In case you are hearing Dashdow for the first time. The app “Dashdow” allows your friends not  to know when you were last seen online, It also allows you to read the messages of your friends without opening the WhatsApp messages.

Before I show you how to download and use DASHDOW, I will be showing you it’s “advantages and disadvantages” because everything that has advantages must surely have disadvantages

> You can  hide your last seen, Blue ticks, and online status
> Read WhatsApp message without opening WhatsApp Messenger

> You are privileged to check messages directly from lock screen without unlocking your device
> You don't need to root your phone before using this app

> To reply the message you need to open the application
>You can only read the messages but you can’t reply to those messages
> You need Android 4.0+  device to run this app

Now, let me go straight to the point

How To Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads In Your Android Without Root

Follow the steps below to enable chat heads on your Whatsapp messenger

Step 1: Install the Dashdow application from here - Playstore
Step 2: Open the application and allow the app Notification Access
Step 3: Now allow the application permission given in below screenshot
Step 4: Now you will see Access Success and now just click on OK
Step 5: Henceforth, whenever you receive whatsapp messages on the cheat heads will appear.

That’s all but make sure you follow the steps carefully. Do you know of any other application that serves the same purpose? Tell us your opinion via comments. Enjoy